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Best-ever-slip-ons Comfy Brown Sandals

$USD 8
"The BEST, most POPULAR sandal in the islands. All ages, men, women, teenagers and children all wear these comfortable brown slip ons. This is the perfect time to join the crowd...
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Kai Tunic Dress in Palm Beach Blue

$USD 95
"Wear this as a dress or as a top with pants or tights. This gorgeous tunic dress is playful, yet sophisticated. Designed and made in Hawai'i, the tunic dress is tailored for a ...
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Ladies Double Ruffle Long Muumuu 2x

$USD 60
"Classic Ladies Double Ruffle Long Muu. The Hibiscus pattern is a true Hawaiian print. This cool, comfortable island dress can be worn at home or out. Available in red or blue. ...